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from Natures Grub Store - Contains FATS & OIL 8% FIBRE 3% ASH 5.5%
Naturally preserved pre-biotic 6mm pellets
with over 45% natural insects, crustaceans, enriched with mineral clay, spirulina and garlic

Available in 2kg, 5kg and 10kg tubs  - 
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Fish Clinic Saturday and Sunday 9am
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Winter Opening Hours - 1 October to 1 April
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The all new Perfect Pond Pump from Evolution Aqua
See the full range of the all new Perfect Pond Pumps
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Phoenix 2000 Koi Food -
simply the best Koi Food value food product!
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NTLABS Medikoi -
Foods, Treatments and Medication at a 15% discount
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Elektra Pro UV sterilizer delivered by Karobar Koi
Electra Pro UV Sterilizer
Full range of UV sterilizers available we stock the PRO version at the moment.

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Just Perfect Really Perfect
EA Perfect Pumps delivered by Karobar Koi
Evolution Aqua - Perfect Pump
Koi Watch    Read      Buy Now
Koi Watch delivered by Karobar KoiHow to know when something is wrong. Can monitor failures of power, heating, water level, blockage and sends a SMS text telling you so. Saved the Day
Phone included!
Plocher Test Results
Press Announcement
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Phoenix, Nobori, Hikari, Nishikoi, Plocher, Saki, Medicarp
Koi Pond Water Testing
Don't even think you can live without the necessary testing kit! Reliable and consistent performance is essential!
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TetraTest    TetraPond      Aquapharm
Electro Koi Pond Heaters
Elecro Stainless Steel Aquatic Heater Image delivered by Karobar KoiFull range of pond heaters available. Clean easy to fit.
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Sequence Water Pumps

Sequence Pumps delivered by Karobar Koi

"Cash in the bank!"

TMC Pro Clear Advantage
UV Sterilizer

TMC Pro Clear UV delivered by Karobar Koi

Part Sun Application
30 Watts up to 6000 gals
50 watts up to 10,000 gals

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API Water Testing to rely upon
These are just a few of the complete range of goodies - see inside for more details
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Spec Badu Top Pumps
With 6 to choose from covering the widest range of requirements Buy Now
Speck Badu Top Pumps delivered by Karobar Koi
Multi-Cyclone WAter Filter delivered by Karobar Koi
Waterco Multi-Cyclone Water Filter 
Deals with the finest of particles
a pond can generate!

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Stop Blanket weed at Karobar KoiEvolution Aqua
Blanket Weed Inhibitor

Don't struggle with blanket weed just get this smashing product in your pond and all will be well!
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EA detox Units delivered by Karobar KoiEvolution Aqua
Detox Units

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Removes Ammonia within hours and Nitrites a little longer. Every good Koi keeper needs this product on your shelf for that rainy day when the filter crashes out. For whatever reason the ammonia level goes out through the roof, there is a set course of actions to undertake, but the very first action is to load out with ZX8 to give you extra time to sort out what went wrong with your system. There is no escaping the out come. ZX8 will save your bacon.

A valuable source of essential minerals that are required to ensure a healthy pond system.
Rapidly degrades left over food, fish waste and other decay organic matter (sludge). Prevents algae, aids bio filtration also contains 50% disease inhibiting Probiotics
Fish Handling and Pond Netting
Manage fish stock effectively with the industries leading netting products and pond covers.
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REINforced Cement Render
This an amazing product and succeeds where many fail, a must for every substantial masonry construction.
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We sell fish too!
Come and see are wide and varied range
of live stock, chat a while too!
Buy with absolute confidence our fish today, they have been fully quarantined and health checked
Hot Fish
Enjoy a quick video clip (30 seconds)
of some of my Koi. I will be adding some more shots in a while...
(Let me know if you want it in any other format)
Dodgy Koi Water
bugs and parasites

Need Koi health advice then check out the
Advice Centre
Oase Start and Eco Pumps

Estro Sieve delivery by Karobar KoiEstro Sieve
Comes in 3 sizes
Installation Hints
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Cetus Sieve delivered by Karobar Koi
Cetsu Sieve
Can be gravity or Pump feed. It just gets easier and easier"
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Steady pH
Everyone needs to have a steady pH in their Koi lives. To have any kind of a swing is a nightmare and will often be consequential! Without getting over technical one of the easiest ways to create and reinforce a steady pH value is to use cockle or oyster shells. We sell them crushed or whole!
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TMC Pond Clear Advantage 110

TMC Pond Clear Advantage 110 by Karobar Koi

For ponds up to 16,000 gallons

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The New Ultimate Bead Filtration System
Power Bead Filters

Available from stock
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The Pentium of Bead Filtration
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